Things to consider when transporting oversized or overweight load

Transporting a specialized load the needs permits for transportation is no easy feat. It's already a big bother in it of itself to prepare physically and mentally for such an operation. You also have to know all the measurements and regulations in order to understand that the order that you are about to perform is indeed qualified as an oversize or overweight. In the United States, wide or oversize load is a vehicle and/or load that is wider than 8’6”. Every state has a slightly different standard for delivering such loads so it is crucial to check all the legal requirements for full confidence.

Important updates for truck drivers

Fall 2018 has become a time of some serious changes in the mandate for interstate truck drivers. The new invention that is called ELD – Electronic Logging Device is going to change the procedure of checking driver logs completely. Let’s say, the new era begins, the future has come and it’s time to forget about the way everything was happening in the past. The new law was enforced in October.

Updated laws about new human trafficking violations

U.S Department of Transportation issues a new regulation for commercial drivers that have a record for human trafficking. Following the signing of a new act by President Trump by the name of No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act”. This new act forbids any and all drivers from using CMV(commercial driving vehicle) if they had any accounts of felonies involving a severe case of human trafficking. This law does a revision of different violations that disqualify individuals from operating their vehicles for which a CDL is needed.

The efficiency of your daily broker and ways to check their credibility

The industry is becoming increasingly more unpredictable with the nature of brokerage. Some are well-established with policies that they used to develop their image among other companies and their customers as reliable and with a traceable history of their roots. While other companies may not even be situated in the USA. The questions such as; what do I know about the shipper and broker before I haul their load or How long does it get to be paid by them or are they even credible enough to pay me?

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