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Important updates for truck drivers

Fall 2018 has become a time of some serious changes in the mandate for interstate truck drivers.  The new invention that is called ELD – Electronic Logging Device is going to change the procedure of checking driver logs completely. Let’s say, the new era begins, the future has come and it’s time to forget about …

How to Get an Oversize Truck Permit in Texas

How to Get an Oversize Truck Permit in Texas If you need to get your oversize truck permit in the State of Texas, there are a few things that you need to know. Not all states have the same regulations. The oversize permits in California will have different requirements than the ones in Texas, so …

What You Need to Know About Oversize Permits

Transporting an Oversize Load 1. What is an Oversize load? Within the United States, an Oversize load basically pertains to load “width” – or is more commonly referred to as wide loads in the logistics industry. It is important to distinguish wide loads or an Oversize load from Overweight loads. 2. What Dimensions are considered …

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