How to Get an Oversize Truck Permit in Texas

How to Get an Oversize Truck Permit in Texas

If you need to get your oversize truck permit in the State of Texas, there are a few things that you need to know. Not all states have the same regulations. The oversize permits in California will have different requirements than the ones in Texas, so you need to get familiar with them. Knowing what you’re allowed to haul is important so you know when you need to get additional paperwork or permits.


What is the Legal Width of a Load in Texas?

The allowance for the width of your load in Texas is going to be 8 feet for passenger vehicles and 8 feet 6 inches for all other vehicles. When determining the width of your load, measure from the outside points of the widest points, and that includes any safety devices that you may have.


What is the Maximum Width of a Trailer in Texas?

The maximum width allowance for a trailer in the state of Texas cannot exceed 8 feet 6 inches and the height cannot exceed 14 feet. The height allowance is 14 feet, and you’re allowed a weight of 80,000 pounds.


How Wide of a Load is Legal in Texas?

The width limits for movement on Texas highways on holidays is 14 feet except for manufactured housing and it is 16 feet for controlled access highways except for many-manufactured housing. A width of 20 feet is permitted without a route inspection certification by applicant on record. You are allowed an overhang of 3 feet in the front and 4 feet’ in the rear. Those restrictions do not apply to permanently attached booms or any other part of the vehicle that cannot be removed.


How To Obtain an Oversize Truck Permit

You can get Texas oversize permits from a number of different companies such as omnipermits.com and, of course, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You need your oversize trucking permits so that you will be able to travel through the state of Texas legally. Once you obtain your oversize permit, it will be valid for five days. When choosing your oversize trucking permits there are different permit options to choose from such as general single-trip, portable building, manufactured housing single-trip, super heavy, house move, and fracking trailer to name a few.


Alaska dot weight restrictions and Oklahoma dot permits will vary from those required in Texas so you’ll want to check those states if you’ll be driving there. Texas oversize permits are easy to obtain so it won’t disrupt the work that you need to get done. By having the required permits you will avoid hefty fines or other delays. If you need multiple permits, there are companies that offer permits for all states such as omnipermits.com which makes it convenient.


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