Oversize & Overweight Permits

Oversize & Overweight Permits

Oversize & Overweight Permits

Heavy Haul transportation brings with it many challenges. One of which is the necessity to obtain special permits if a commercial vehicle is oversize or overweight. You will need a state, county, city, or province oversize load permit if your load:

  • Height is above 13’6″
  • Width exceeds 8’6″
  • Length exceeds 73′
  • Weight is over 80,000 pounds

Permits usually contain the name of the heavy hauler, a description of the load and dimensions, and the route that is being traveled. There are two ways a heavy haul company can obtain the necessary permits.

1. They can plan their own route and go through the necessary transportation department of every issuing jurisdiction


2. They can come to us and let us handle everything.

Omni Star is devoted to giving heavy haulers the easiest, quickest, and least expensive services so that they can stay on the road! From laws about what time of day an oversize truck can enter a given state, to the maximum length & width a truck must be to go over certain bridges, our experts handle all the time consuming and difficult details.

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