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Updated laws about new human trafficking violations

Updated laws about new human trafficking violations

U.S Department of Transportation issues a new regulation for commercial drivers that have a record for human trafficking. Following the signing of a new act by President Trump by the name of No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act”.

This new act forbids any and all drivers from using CMV(commercial driving vehicle) if they had any accounts of felonies involving a severe case of human trafficking. This law does a revision of different violations that disqualify individuals from operating their vehicles for which a CDL is needed.

Updated laws about new human trafficking violations

This also significantly reduces the likability of the image of the truck driver. Being an oversaturated image of the dangerous individual that can often perform actions against the will of other people. To combat such an issue is of utmost importance for all of us.

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Hundred of thousands of Americans have either had a direct experience or a partial one in human trafficking. It is a duty of every citizen to report such cases to their local police or law enforcement deputies. By helping other we help ourselves to find salvation in the world.

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