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Trip Permits

Trip permits

An IRP travel permit is required for any heavy haul vehicle that intends to leave its state without being registered according to current legislation.

IRP resolution is required in the following situations:

  • if the vehicle does not have an IRP registration;

  • if the vehicle has 3 or more axles;

  • if the total weight of the vehicle is 26,000 pounds or more;

  • if the total trailer weight is more than 26,000 pounds.

In all of the above situations, we recommend that you contact us - we will help you to obtain the necessary trip permit without any problems, as soon as possible.

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Trip permit

We are often approached to issue a Trip permit for one trip. It allows cars that do not have registration to move between different states, or rather cars:

  • with a loaded or combined weight of 10,000 pounds or more (ORS 801.199 and ORS 801.330).

  • with a fixed load over 10,000 lbs.

Please note that the Trip permit cannot be used if you plan to travel using the following means:

  • tow truck;

  • mobile home.

Important! If your vehicle has a GVW of 26,000 pounds or more, remember that it may be required to pay tax on weight miles when you apply for a Trip permit. If the car has a weight of 80 thousand pounds or more, then you will also have to get an oversize permit at the licensing service. But we can help you with this task as well.

3 day trip permit

Based on experience, quite often drivers need 3 days to do their job - for example, to deliver goods from point A to point B. And in this case, it is necessary to issue a permit for 72 hours. This is a very popular service at our company.

Such a permit will allow you, as a driver, to drive an unregistered heavy truck or a vehicle with a suspended registration. But only when sending from point A to point B, as we mentioned above.

At the same time, a three-day permit can be used exclusively for trip for the purposes indicated when obtaining a permit. It is strictly forbidden to trip for other purposes, and especially if commercial gain is expected.

Important! Within the year, you can get no more than 3 three-day permits for each vehicle. This document must be placed in the lower right corner of the rear window of the car. Moreover, in such a way that the information on it is clearly visible from the outside.

Trip Permits

Trip Permits by State

If you need to obtain a trip permit for the states, we will help you collect and prepare all the necessary documents. At the very top, we have already described in which situations this permit is needed.

Additionally, a temporary fuel permit (IFTA) may be required. This is an international fuel tax agreement that greatly simplifies fuel tax reporting.

Interstate permits

A completely different situation arises when you need to carry out the transportation of any cargo within different US states. We will help you prepare and obtain permits for trucking goods by state, depending on your route, and taking into account the laws of each state.

Why choose us:

  1. Our team are experts in this field. We help with permits in a variety of situations. Even those that seem hopeless (heavy overload, problems with booking a pilot car, etc.).

  2. We guarantee absolute safety. We offer only proven transportation routes and always check in advance whether you have everything you need to successfully reach your destination.

  3. We offer comprehensive services. Our specialists help to obtain permits, plan the best routes - they care about each client. We want you to feel that your trip is 100% safe.

Quite often, we are approached to obtain a Trip permit for one trip (lasting several days). We promptly help to obtain permits required when crossing state borders, etc. If you have any questions, you can always ask them to our manager - we consult for free!

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