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Superload Permits

Superload trucking

A heavy haul load becomes a superload when it can’t be reduced in size or weight. Mostly  superloads mean:

  • large equipment;

  • agricultural machinery;

  • aircraft and spare parts for them;

  • other aggregates, objects, products that cannot be divided into parts for transportation.

So, supercargo is everything that has a large weight and large dimensions, and non-standard solutions are needed for its transportation. And not only in terms of the selection of suitable equipment, but also regarding the choice of route.

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Trucking of extra-heavy cargoes

In order to obtain a permit for the transportation of extra-heavy cargo, first of all, it's necessary to define that the cargo cannot be divided into smaller units and transported in another way.

Secondly, you need to understand that the transportation of the cargo is always associated with some difficulties. And you need to be ready for them. What exactly are we talking about:

  1. Overload is usually transported over several weeks or months. But sometimes transportation can take even more than a year.

  2. Within the transportation of extra-heavy cargo usually involved a large number of specialists, and the cargo itself may have several moving parts;

  3. Additional precautions must be taken while following the route.

Regarding the last point, the following implies:

  • involvement of vehicles to accompany the truck;

  • additional engineering solutions;

  • expert services for infrastructure analysis;

  • preparation of additional necessary documentation.

Superload Permits

Usually, the process of transporting a supercargo is associated with more serious procedural and logistical difficulties when compared with the transport of oversized cargo.

It is important to understand that each state has its own laws regarding what is considered overweight. Therefore, there is no clear definition of this concept. But we are well aware of the legislative peculiarities of each state, so we will help you with the following:

  • obtain a permit for the transportation of superloads;

  • collect documents required for crossing each state;

  • plan the most convenient, optimal route.

We will help you simplify the process of obtaining all the necessary documents for the transportation of superload. With us, you will not go beyond the planned budget 100%.

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