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Fuel Permits

Fuel Permits

The fuel permit IFTA (The International Fuel Tax Agreement) is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. It is developed and signed between 48 US states and 10 provinces of Canada. The main task that IFTA solves is to simplify the tax collection on fuel and maintain records for commercial carriers operating between states.

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Temporary Fuel Permits (IFTA)

The above Temporary Fuel Permit is mandatory for out-of-state carriers. A company that has an IFTA agreement receives an appropriate license and special stickers for each vehicle used.

Each quarter, the carrier submits a fuel tax report that shows the ratio of miles traveled to the amount of fuel purchased in the states. This report accomplishes several important tasks below:

  • allows you to determine the net tax (or the corresponding amount of the tax refund);

  • determines the redistribution of fuel volumes between the states (from the state where the tax was collected to the state in which the tax must be paid).

IFTA must be obtained for vehicles that are made and used for non-standard transportation, and have the following:

  • 2 axles and a total weight of more than 26 thousand pounds;

  • 3 axles or more;

  • total mass of more than 26 thousand pounds.

Fuel Permits

Important! Depending on the state, holidays and some weekends, even with IFTA, it may be prohibited to travel on them (or special requirements will be applied). Therefore, it is important to know all the subtleties and carefully plan routes.

Our company has been engaged in the execution and receipt of the IFTA agreement for many years. We will help you to resolve any issues related to the temporary permit for fuel, and we will also be able to plan the best route. There are no hopeless situations with us!

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