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Oversize permits

If you need to transport oversize load, it may be associated with various bureaucratic and other problems. And one of the main "obstacles" is obtaining a special permit for transportation.

Our company has been dealing with such problems for a long time and is ready to provide you with a full range of services for the preparation and obtaining of all necessary permits.

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Permits for oversized cargo

Depending on the state, county, city, or province, you will need to apply for a oversize permit in the following situation:

  • the vehicle is over 13 feet 6 inches tall;

  • width of the vehicle exceeds 8 feet and 6 inches;

  • the total length  is more than 73 feet.

Within the permits that are issued for such vehicles, it`s indicated the truck brand and model, the description of the cargo, dimensions, and the route that the vehicle will follow. By the way, the route is planned by our experts in advance. And you can be sure that it is the most suitable one specifically for your case.

Cost for oversized cargo permit 

We offer services for obtaining permits for oversized transportation at the best prices. The cost depends on various factors e.g. reloading, the place where the goods need to be delivered, the type of vehicle, etc.

In addition, prices may vary depending on the specific state and a combination of all the factors above .

Therefore, in order to find out the exact cost of the service, please contact our manager at the phone number listed below or leave your phone number and we will call you back.

Permits for oversize hauling

Ideally the transport company has accounts in all states through which the truck will travel. In this case, permission to transport oversize goods can be obtained as quickly and cheaply as possible.

What information is usually indicated in such a permit:

  • DOT number of the transport service provider;

  • technical information about the vehicle, trailer (including serial numbers, technical condition, license plates, axles, distance between them, etc.);

  • detailed description of the transported cargo (height, length, width, weight, etc.);

  • point of departure and point of arrival of the vehicle;

  • date of transportation.

All this data must be transferred by you, but we are ready to help at any stage of collecting information if you are planning to transport oversized cargo for the first time. We will also help you to obtain a DOT permit for oversized types of cargo.


Wide cargo permits

Since shipping regulations vary from state to state, it is often necessary for our customers to obtain permits for oversized loads.

Our company will also help you obtain this type of OS/OW permits. Registration takes a minimum time, and you get a complete package of documents and a carefully planned route.

2 important points. All of the above is true for the following cases:

  1. The protrusion of the cargo on each side of the car should not be more than 3 feet on each side. With a load depth of 12 inches.

  2. If the load is up to 12 inches deep, it must not protrude more than 2 feet from the side of the truck on each side.

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