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Overweight permits

To obtain a permit for overweight cargo (class A), the mass of this cargo must be irreducible. Such permission is issued either for one trip or for a month. Therefore, specify and coordinate this aspect with our manager in advance.

Moreover, you can drive with a Class A permit only on national highways. Therefore, the process of route planning is somewhat complicated. But we have dealt with more difficult tasks.

So, to get documents, first of all, you need to determine the permitted loads. That is, to figure out whether it is possible to drive specifically with your heavy truck with its mass along a certain route.

If everything is in order, we help to draw up documentation that reflects:

  • the exact combined weight of the truck and the cargo being transported (should be no more than 250,000 feet);

  • width and/or load (should be no more than 14 feet);

  • height and/or load - from 16 feet and less;

  • length and/or load - up to 120 feet.

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DOT overweight permits

To obtain an overweight permit for the transportation of large cargo, you need to contact the Department of Transportation (DOT). It's also important to remember that regulators in many states check the following:

  • whether drivers comply with work hours (federal requirement);

  • whether fuel taxes have been paid;

  • whether the transport regulatory documents are correctly drawn up;

  • etc.

In addition, based on our experience, there are cases when drivers had to undergo a DOT check at weight control stations. And if suddenly the permit for overload was not issued, the driver was stopped until his company issues and provides all the necessary documents.

In such urgent situations, it is most logical to contact our company for obtaining permits for overweight transportation, because we already have experience in resolving difficult situations in a short time.


Heavy haul permits

If you need to obtain permit to transport any heavy weight, there are 2 options for solving this problem:

  1. Plan your own route, study the laws of all states, cities and provinces through which you plan to travel, collect and correctly execute all the necessary documents.

  2. Contact us and get everything as simply, quickly and cheaply as possible. Our team of experts is well aware of all the intricacies and laws of various states, and has also repeatedly encountered disputable situations and successfully resolved them.

By the way, with us, the cost of obtaining permits for the transportation of overweight cargo will be much lower. Moreover, the cost is not only money, but also time - also a very valuable resource for systematic cargo transportation.

Our company will help you obtain any type of the following permits:

  • wide load;

  • heavy cargo;

  • for the transportation of oversized cargo;

  • etc.

If you have any questions, want to clarify something or deal with some difficulty, feel free to write to us. Our managers will quickly help you to figure it out, explain to you how to solve your problem, minimize risks, and most importantly, quickly, legally and safely deliver the goods from point A to point B.

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