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Route Surveying

Route surveying

After you contact us for the preparation and execution of the necessary documentation for the transportation of cargo, our experts will begin to survey the route.

Their work is quite complex and serious, because in the process you need to investigate many factors:

  • state laws through which the truck will travel;

  • point of departure and destination of the vehicle;

  • the need for cargo escort;

  • features of a particular area;

  • characteristics of the cargo itself.

Regarding the last point. It is very important to understand that the difference between the transportation of regular, superload and oversized cargo is very large sometimes. And at the same time, it is important to follow a pre-planned route in order to get there in the safest possible conditions.

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Survey routing

To give you a better idea of ​​what exactly our experts do in a highway route survey, let's have a look at just some of the factors that can be determinative when choosing a particular route:

  • road width;

  • bridge heights;

  • stationary obstacles on the road;

  • possible obstacles on the road;

  • restrictions on the maximum load on the track;

  • highway fare;

  • construction work on a particular site;

  • railway crossings;

  • etc.

Route Surveying

If you do not take into account these factors and neglect the study and planning of the route, the trip can end with very sad consequences, starting from fines and ending with damage to the transported cargo. We will help you avoid all these problems.

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