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Maine Oversize Permits Information


Maine Oversize Permits are valid for 7 days. Driver must have a Maine DOT permit prior to entering the state.

Operating time

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, 7 days a week; except no travel on weekends in the months of July and August. Overweight-only loads are permitted to travel at any time of day.


No travel on major holidays or some holiday weekends.

TURNPIKE: Loads limited to 13’6 high, 14’6 wide. Travel is allowed one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Speed Limit

Interstate routes - 65 mph. Non-interstate routes - 60 mph.  Unless otherwise specified on permit or road signs.

Legal dimensions

The vehicle must have the following characteristics:

  • Width: 8’6″
  • Height: 13’6 (Load may exceed by 6″, for a legal loaded height of 14″, as long as the load is not reducible and not traveling on Maine Turnpike.)
  • Length: 53′ semi-trailer and 74′ overall length on Interstate and designated highways; 48′ trailer and 69′ overall length on other highways. “The maximum legal length of vehicles and loads traveling more than 1 mile beyond the National Network is 74′.”
  • Overhang: 74′ overall length maximum
  • Weight: 80,000 Gross; Single – 20,000; Tandem – 34,000; Tridem – 42,000

Routine Maine Oversize Permit Limits

  • Width: 16′
  • Height: 16′
  • Length: 125′
  • Weight: Single – 20,000; Tandem – 52,000; Tridem – 75,000

Tractor must be registered for 90,000 pounds to permit for overweight up to 90,000, or register for 100,000 maximum to permit over 90,000.

Loads exceeding these dimensions are treated as superloads.


  • Width: Over 12′ – 1 escort pilot car; over 16′ – 1 escort pilot car and 1 police escort; over 20′ – 2 Police escorts
  • Length: Over 80′ – 1 escort pilot car; over 125′ – 1 escort pilot car and 1 police escort; over 150′ – 2 Police escorts
  • Height: Over 16′ – 1 escort pilot car with a height pole.

Security Measures

“Oversize Load” signs and flags required for all overwidth and overlength permit loads. Signs should be mounted at the front bumper and at the rear of the load. Flags (18″ x 18″) should be mounted at corners of load and widest extremities. Over 4′ rear overhang must be flagged (two flags if the overhang is more than 2′ wide). Run with headlights on low beam (not required if overweight only), and flashing, rotating amber light or light bar on top of the cab. Movement when not oversized requires that load signs be removed or covered and that amber beacon lights be extinguished. All over-dimension moves require headlights on low beam, and flashing, rotary or amber lights on top of the cab.

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